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Venue Technical Specifications

DESK: Yamaha MGP24X 24-channel analogue mixer

FOH: TS318 18'' Active Subwoofer x 2, Alto TS115A x 4

MON: Mackie SRM 550 Active monitors x 3

GUITAR: Orange Rockerverb MKII head + Orange 4x14 cab, Fender Twin, VOX AC30

BASS: AMPEG Classic SVT-810E cab + Peavey Tour 450 head

DRUMS: Tamra Silverstar 5-piece kit including full hardware (please bring your own breakables)

MICS: 5 x Sure SM58, 5 x AKG P5S

Please contact us if you need further information or if you have any queries.


Address: Unit 30 Bow Triangle Business Centre, Eleanor St, London E3 4UR

Bookings and Private Hire

Telephone: 020 8981 0435  


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