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Studio 3 

Studio 3 is our second largest studio with a 5x5m floor space. This studio is ideal for regular practices having been purposed designed to ensure a great session every time!

PA: Mackie ProFx 16 Channel Desk

FOH: RCF ART 715-A x2

MON: 2x Yamaha BR15 15" Passive PA speaker, 2x Peavey floor monitor

GUITAR: A range of full valve guitar amps available (Orange, Fender, Marshall, VOX)

BASS: Trace Elliot head, Trace Elliot 4x12 cab + Trace Elliot 1x 15 

DRUMS: Tama ImperialStar 5-piece kit including full Tama hardware

Rehearsal Rates

Monday to Friday 11am to 6pm: £17 per hour

Monday to Friday 6pm to midnight: £20 per hour

Weekends: £17 per hour

Lockout: £165 per day (further discounts available for additional days)

Cancellation Policy 

We don't like to charge people for rehearsal sessions they haven't used. However, in order to sustain the studios and make sure that musicians can make the most of our facilities, we operate the following cancellation policy.


Any cancellation made with less than 48 hours notice will be charged for 50% of the studio time. If we're provided with less than 24 hours we will unfortunately have to charge you for the entirety of the booked studio time.

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